FAS, Hoyvíksvegur 5, 100 Torshavn, Faroe Islands

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About FAS

FAS was launched in 1992 and has proven to be an excellent aternative to other ships registers.
90 ships are currently registered in FAS and the register continues to grow.

We believe that the financial advantages and the fast, flexible and uncomplicated service of the administration are the best selling points of FAS.

A short distance between the administration and the clients is a natural consequence of dealing with a small country, and we are proud of this advantage.

The Faroese flag is internationally recognised .

The Faroe Islands is an Associate Member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The relevant IMO / ILO conventions are in force in the Faroe Islands.

Please find the Act on the Faroe Islands International Ship Register here.


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Mergeance of fas and fma

1st of June 2010 the Faroese National & International Ship Register was merged with the Faroese Maritime Authority (FMA).

The two administrations have always been working closely together, so it was a logical step to implement this merger. It is practical for the administration as well as for the shipowners that these maritime activities are now under joint management. We can hereby ensure a consistent policy and commit ourselves also in the future to give shipowners a smooth and effective service on all levels, as well as we will hold on to our commitment to international maritime obligations.

Please visit the webpage of the Faroese Maritime Authority: www.fma.fo