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Registration procedures

Only the formal owner of the vessel is entitled to register in FAS, with exception of the bareboat register in FAS.

Required documents

  • An application must be submitted on forms provided by the Faroe Islands International Ship Register.
  • Rights Certificate with details of the company (board members, persons authorized to sign contracts, etc.)
  • Details about the ship (type, name, homeport, function, GT, NT, signal letters, etc.)
  • Builder´s Certificate or deed of conveyance.
  • Discharge Certificate or certificate of declaration from the foreign registry to the effect that the foreign registration has been or will be deleted when the vessel is registered in FAS.
  • Certificate from the foreign registry confirming that the owner of the vessel was listed in the registry as the owner of the vessel.
  • Signatures of persons listed on an application for registration of a shipping company must be made personally in the Faroe Islands International Ship Register's office or be verified by witnesses or a notary public.

Documents must be in English or a Scandinavian Language.